Comprehensive promotion of construction of houses from a bar

Promotion case
Упаковка, продвижение и лидогенерация на виллы в Батуми
Project Reference:
The average check is $100,000

Request: Promote instagram account applications to the sales department

Objective: Sell two houses a month
Work plan:
-The key task was to repackage instagram and facebook social networks
-Start lidogyneration
-Emphasize the advantages of building a house from a log cabin
Working period: 3 months
-Number of applications - 370
-Average cost of request - 2,6$
-Number of subscribers - +1300.
-Subscription cost - 0.30$
Mind Map advertising strategy

Development of smm and advertising strategies

First of all, we analyzed our target audience and competitors in order to develop strategies. The important part was to show people that building a house from a log is more profitable, more status and better than an apartment or a house from a block. Having worked through all the possible pains, objections, fears and needs, we started the next stages of work
Developing a visual strategy
The problem we faced was the lack of ready-made houses in Georgia. But we decided to use ingenuity and modern methods of content generation, and started generating realistic pictures in Midjorney, as well as drawing pictures ourselves in Photoshop
Developing an eye-catching visual. Beautiful and catchy feed visuals allowed us to reduce the cost per click to $0.7, and the cost per subscriber was $0.30. This was influenced by rich and deep content funnels in the account. The "before" and "after" visuals are provided below"
Lead generation
Lead generation
The traffic department did not sit still either. And in accordance with marketing and smm strategies, unique advertising messages for the target audience were prescribed, as well as a funnel for attracting leads was developed. At the moment of work was emphasized on the domestic market of Georgia. Since the potential client already lived in Georgia and was consciously approaching the issue of building a house.

We ran a test of ad creatives and offerers, and immediately identified a "working" ad bundle that was yielding $2.45 sales leads
The creative that yielded the best results in terms of quantity and quality of applications
In just three months, we have done a tremendous amount of work to prepare and bring a new construction company to market in Georgia
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