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Case study on website development

В спектр наших услуг входит комплексное продвижение вашего бизнеса, с конкретными услугами можно познакомиться ниже

Request: Develop a website with a modern design.

Objective: To introduce the company and showcase its values
The work we have done

The main steps in website development included:

  • Conducting an analysis of direct and related competitors to identify the company's strengths
  • Writing content based on customer needs
  • Analyzing the target audience to understand their values
  • Selecting a modern design style and creating three different stylistic concepts
  • Choosing suitable photographs
  • Designing all layouts for the desktop version
  • Implementing the design using the Tilda platform
  • Providing video instructions on how to use the website

Fragment of the website's homepage.

The website was developed with a minimalist design that emphasizes technology and simplicity. The primary focus was on text as typography, and the use of photographs was minimized
The site was built using Autoscale, enabling it to adapt to screens of various sizes. We also included subtle animations and modified the CSS code to prevent interference between internal pages, ensuring a smooth scrolling experience and the functionality of intricate features.

Furthermore, a sophisticated gallery was added, allowing users to switch between three photos and access project details by clicking on an arrow.

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