Client: Brothers Boxing Club

Case study on promotion service

Боксерский клуб в СНГ Brothers Boxing Club
Link to the project: Instagram link

Request: To promote a new account from scratch after the previous one was blocked

Цель: To establish a strong online presence for the club and increase its recognition
… This story began in February 2020 when our agency's founder, David, served as a multitasking professional, handling roles such as a targetologist, social media manager, and PR expert — a true 'cyborg' who excelled in various fields and catered to all client needs
At that time, the Brothers Boxing Club's main account, which had amassed 100,000 followers, was blocked. However, this setback turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the account had been inflated and had suffered from the ill-fated efforts of previous social media managers.

We created a new account, marking the beginning of a productive collaboration that led to the mutual growth of the client and our agency.
Project Goals

The goals that were set for us:

  • Building the account from scratch
  • Developing a promotion strategy
  • Creating robust content and story plans
  • Selecting influencers for advertising
  • Lead generation and Instagram advertising
It all began with a thorough analysis of competitors and the target audience. We conducted customer development (custdev) directly at the club, engaging with customers while using a specially crafted script and questionnaire. Through this process, we identified customer needs and pain points, which were then structured and visualized in a mind map
We conducted a competitor analysis
We carried out competitor analysis and сonducted in-depth interviews with club owners and managers to gather their insights
We developed the club's concept and positioning.
And here, the most exciting part began — the stage of promotion, lead generation, and PR campaigns
Part 1: Instagram Promotion
At the beginning, we posted around 30 pieces of content per month. In 2019, Reels and video formats, in general, were not as developed.
However, we shifted our focus to video content and consistently created engaging, high-quality content that resonated with our audience.

We regularly wrote and provided technical briefs for photo and video content, which our in-house photographers and videographers then executed.

And so will lay out the terms of reference from the inside:
We crafted storytelling posts that, in a small account, garnered numerous reposts, likes, and comments. The essence of storytelling was to write a candid post using a specific mechanism that would prompt the audience to take a particular action (repost, like, save, or comment).

We organized contests within the account and formed collaborations with related niches. This approach brought us a new audience and increased sales.
Part 2: Targeted Advertising
An additional strategy was created for targeting and structured within a mind map
We regularly initiated promotional campaigns to attract new audiences to the account for further content funnel nurturing
Back when there wasn't a 'message conversion' goal, we were focused on driving leads to the website
After the introduction of the 'message conversion' feature, we shifted our advertising focus towards this goal
We conducted various hypothesis tests, and the most successful results were achieved by targeting a broad audience within the Moscow-City location. We fine-tuned our target audience based on ad creatives and compelling messaging.
  1. The creatives that performed the best

Part 3: PR

During our work, we wrote around 15 articles for various magazines, such as GQ, Forbes, Cosmo, Style, The Blueprint, Esquire, and others. Here is an example of one of them

Here's an example of one of them

In this case, we've only captured a small, visible part of our work with the project. It's a case where two sides are working together to achieve a common goal and making every effort to effectively reach the set objectives.


As of the writing of this case on December 23, 2022, we are still actively working on this project. We continue to implement new tools, adapt to contemporary realities, and there's much more interesting work ahead of us.
My name is David Dgebuadze.
I am a graduate of the 'Target RedSMM' training program by Vitaliy Komisov (3rd stream). I am a curator of the 'Target RedSMM' training program by Vitaliy Komisov. I am a member of the closed RedSMM club by Dmitry Kudryashov. I am a member of the Rock Star Bloggers club by Dmitry Kudryashov and Andrey Zakharan.

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