Building houses - contextual advertising in Yandex Direct + Quiz

Case study on contextual advertising

Строительство домов – контекстная реклама в Яндекс Директ + Квиз
Creating a quiz for building houses
We were approached by a client who was engaged in the construction of houses. Construction of not very expensive houses (frame and timber). The customer needed a stream of clients, the budget was designated 100-300 thousand per month on Yandex Direct. The client already had a site, but it was quite old and inconvenient, so we decided to make a simple site (quiz) and run advertising there
Since the deadline was limited, we did not invent something complicated, we made a simple enough quiz on the constructor, but as practice shows, such quizzes work very well. This is how the quiz on frame houses looked like:
Project objectives
There were also quizzes on the construction of houses made of beams and baths, but they were launched in the second stage, the first decided to launch just frame houses, as requests for them were more.
Setting up Yandex Direct and launching advertising
Competitor analysis
At the first stage we analyzed competitors, identified weaknesses and strengths of the client, thought out an offer to be voiced over the phone and a sample script
We collected quite a large number of queries, in fact, at the initial stage such a large core and do not need, but decided to immediately work thoroughly, so that there was a reserve for the future, especially the budget allowed to pour a lot of traffic
Since the traffic was going to the quiz, the main focus was on enticing potential clients to calculate the cost of building a house.Example of one of the ads on the client search:
Example of an RSYA ad:
Semantic core collection
Creating announcements
Setting up campaigns. Search, RSYA, retargeting
We set up advertising on search, sites (RSYA) and retargeting. As a result of the first test, we decided to spin rsya, the requests came out cheaper and there were more of them, although the quality of the requests was worse, but we decided to just take the quantity at the first stage to understand the further conversion into sales and to work out scripts for the sales department.

Statistics on advertising campaigns:
I will give here the statistics on the RSYA, as they were mostly spinning it:

The average cost of a request - 230 rubles. Average budget per day 4000-10000r. Total conversions for 5 days - 142 applications
Requests from the quiz admin
Examples of quiz entries
Bottom line:
We did a great job, which yielded requests at 230 rubles, with the number of leads reaching 50 per day. Requests from quizzes can indeed be received at a low cost and in large volumes, but you need to realize that these requests must be handled correctly in order to achieve sales
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