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Campaign Results for Two Months of Work, from June 1st to July 30th
Objective: To reduce the cost per customer from $51 to $26
Goal: To decrease both the cost per lead and the cost per customer
The work we have done

Advertising Strategy (Broadly outlined to maintain confidentiality):

  • An analysis of previous advertising campaigns was conducted, and traffic management errors were identified.
  • An analysis of the target audience: their pains, desires, motivations, and fears.
  • Competitor analysis: both direct and indirect competitors. Unpacking expertise.
  • Based on analytical data, a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the studio was developed, setting it apart from competitors, and a series of theses addressing the audience's pain points were formulated.
  • Examination of direct messaging with customers.
  • Examples, chat screenshots, identified errors, and recommendations for correction were provided. The communication script with potential clients was adjusted based on effective sales techniques.

Example of a message conversation analysis

After analyzing the previous advertising campaign launches, several errors were identified. The advertising strategy was correctly focused on direct messaging and retargeting.

However, within the campaigns, there were certain mistakes that resulted in low-cost leads, ranging from $2.65 to $3. But the conversion to actual conversations was almost non-existent. For instance, out of 10 messages sent, only 1-2 people engaged in a dialogue, not to mention making a purchase

The primary errors we identified were:
1) Lack of Message Templates: When using direct messaging as a campaign goal, no pre-defined message templates were created. This format significantly boosts conversation conversion rates and sets the client communication direction, ultimately leading to appointment bookings.

2) Stale Advertisements: The same advertisements were running for nearly a year, targeting both lead generation and retargeting. Despite having a substantial audience (around 1 million), these ad creatives started to lose their effectiveness. While they generated low-cost leads, they resulted in very few appointments. This indicated that they were not resonating with the intended audience.

3) Overlapping Audience Interests: Using audience interests with more than 50% overlap created competition against ourselves in ad auctions. This led to increased costs per impression and more expensive leads."

There is no specific template to start correspondence
Auditorium Crossing. The norm is up to 20%
We followed a similar traffic strategy, combining direct messaging and retargeting. However, we introduced 5 new ad creatives. We used static content, including before/after photos of our work, carousel ads showcasing our services, and photos of the studio owner. Additionally, we implemented templates to kickstart conversations.

The work we have done
We crafted 5 theses based on the pain points of the target audience. The outcome revealed one top-performing ad creative and one offer. We can provide all the information on your request. During the testing period, one ad creative emerged as the leader, along with one offer combination.

The most effective ad layout, which performed the best, resulted in the following outcomes:
  • An advertising expenditure of $3,150.
  • 783 leads were generated at a cost of $4 per lead.
  • The conversion rate to actual sales was 23%, leading to 178 new customers.
  • The cost per new customer was $17.7.
  • The studio's average transaction value was $210 (including corrections and initial procedures).

    As a result of the advertising campaign, the Brow_dom_studio earned $37,380 from new customers. Typically, one new customer brings in 1-2 more customers to the studio. Additionally, after one procedure, nearly 70% of new customers are inclined to have other areas (e.g., lips, eyelids) done. Also with high-quality service and work, clients tend to remain loyal to the studio and purchase additional services for an extended period, such as eyelash extensions and permanent makeup touch-ups. In the long term, one customer brings the studio approximately $550 to $600. This demonstrates the impressive return on investment (ROI) and customer retention achieved through the right advertising efforts made by SMM3D.
Here is a Screenshot of our Ads Manager account

Despite good advertising performance for a high-end service, visual content in the profile is crucial. Regularly share and address customer concerns through stories and posts. The goal is to convey native sales in the profile and encourage appointment bookings.

We've been working with the client for almost a year, implementing new tools and scaling results. We will prepare a case study to emphasize the importance of a comprehensive approach and how we doubled the conversion to appointments.
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