Packaging, promotion and lead generation for villas in Batumi

Promotion case
Упаковка, продвижение и лидогенерация на виллы в Батуми
Project Reference:: greengardensbatumi
Cost from $950 per sq.m. at the start of sales

Request: Instagram account promotion, branding and sales applications

Objective: To sell 16 villas in Batumi city.
Work plan:
-The key task was to pack social networks instagram and facebook
-Receive daily requests for real estate sales
-Stress the advantages of buying a villa in Georgia
Working period: first 2 months
-Number of applications - 150
-Average cost of a target application - 15$
Mind Map advertising strategy

Development of marketing, smm and advertising strategies

In parallel, the marketing department together with the cmm department started to analyze competitors and develop strategies. They paid great attention to these points and analyzed all possible competitors. Subsequently, we defined the brand legend, positioning, TOV communication style, unpacked the segments of the target audience, messages for the target audience and ways to achieve the goals.
Developing a visual strategy
Visual concept plays a very important role in selling premium real estate. Thanks to the coordinated work of the team and the client, we worked with the marketing department to rebrand, develop the visuals and a new logo. We wanted the uniqueness of the project to be immediately recognizable to the eyes of a potential buyer
Development of high-quality renderings. Everyone understands that it is almost impossible to sell a project without good renderings. At this stage, the marketing department completely took over and made the renderings dozens of times better quality than they were when we came to the project.
Lead generation
Lead generation
The traffic department did not sit still either. And in accordance with marketing and smm strategies, unique advertising messages for the target audience were prescribed, and a funnel for attracting leads was developed. Several advertising campaigns were built: for the domestic market for Georgia and the CIS market. And also for the foreign market, where such countries as Israel, Dubai and several European countries were prioritized

At the start the average cost of a target application cost 15$, we want to note that not the target percentage of incoming applications is small. Almost 60% were really interested in buying people
Example of creatives:
In just two months we have carried out a huge amount of work and created a strong foundation for the promotion and sales of the "Green Gardens" villa complex
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