Promotion of apartments in the club house "Maison Rouge"

Promotion case
Аппартаменты в клубном доме Maison Rouge
Project link: maisonrouge
starting at $5,300 a square meter

Request: Instagram account promotion, branding and sales applications

Purpose: Sale of apartments in the building
What was done:
-Analyzed competitors
-Written promotion and advertising strategies
-Considered concept and positioning
-Created technical tasks for photo and video production
Project Objectives

Key Objectives:

•Disclose the atmosphere of the apartments in the blog
•Present the house from different angles
•Close and work out the fears and objections of potential buyers
•Press on emotions: show examples of bright and positive families
•To tell about hot topics that our competitors may be hiding. Present it in a positive way
Mind Map advertising strategy
The "before" account looked boring, with template pictures and in no way reflected the meanings and benefits of the house
The "after" account began to show the benefits, layout options, and ambiance of the home
Video example:
The integrated work allowed us to reflect all the benefits of the architecture, room design and project location.
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